Aquila 157C Sugar Classical Guitar Strings

Music Mania SKU: AQ-157C
Aquila 157C Sugar Classical Guitar Strings

Aquila 157C Sugar Classical Guitar Strings

Music Mania SKU: AQ-157C
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Aquila 157C - Sugar, Classical Guitar String Set, Extra Tension

Designed in three degrees of tension - normal, superior and extra (the latter to be used only for flamenco) - and with a trasparent look that resembles crystal glass, the Sugar Trebles are made using a recently discovered Italian blend of a plastic material derived from sugar-cane. The sound of these strings is clearly brilliant, clean and prompt, and provide great acoustic power. Laboratory tests show that these strings have better sound projection and sustain (24 % and 18 %, respectively) than the Fluorocarbon strings, which gives them excellent vibrato and variation of timbre when played near the bridge and the sound hole. They contain the sweetness and vibrancy of gut and the clarity and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon. Although the surface is extremely smooth, the grip on the fingers is remarkable, in other words it is never slippery.

  • strings for classical guitar
  • extra tension (for flamenco only)
  • manufactured from a new polymer derived from sugar cane
  • for EBGDAE tuning
  • transparent
  • clear, brilliant and prompt sound
  • vibrance of gut and promptness of Fluorocarbon
  • superior sustain and sound projection
  • string ends color-coded
  • made in Italy
  • Other comments: All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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