Fender Blues Junior IV Amplifier

Music Mania SKU: 223-1503-000
Fender Blues Junior IV Amplifier

Fender Blues Junior IV Amplifier

Music Mania SKU: 223-1503-000
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15-watt 1-channel All-tube 1x12" Combo Guitar Amplifier with Fat Switch, Spring Reverb, and Celestion Speaker

he Biggest-sounding Blues Junior Yet

With their Blues Junior IV 15-watt, 1 x 12" combo, Fender found a way to take one of the most popular all-tube amplifiers of all time and make it even better. You'll still find the same conveniently giggable size, pedal-friendly character, and ideal volume that make the line so successful. Yet with its tweaked preamp for a larger tonality, upgraded Celestion A-type 12" speaker, smoother-sounding reverb, and fashionable aesthetics, the Fender Blues Junior IV is sure to become a legend of its own.

A truly legendary combo

Players of all styles and genres have been leaning on Fender Blues Junior all-tube combo amplifiers for years. Their ability to coax American cleans and thick drive from their EL84 power sections allows them to fit within any rig. They are also incredible platforms for players who utilize effects to achieve their tones. But perhaps the most attractive thing about the Fender Blues Junior IV and previous models is the way Fender crammed the perfect amount of power into a combo that is affordable, lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to gig with.


Familiar tone with a bigger attitude

The Blues Junior has always been known for great tones. Yet to make the Junior IV stand out from previous iterations of the model, Fender tweaked the preamp to deliver a fuller sound that is far in excess of the amplifier's compact dimensions. As you turn the amplifier up, you'll notice the lows stay full, the mids can be as assertive or as mellow as you need, and the top still sings with the familiar American-voiced chime. Not only that, but you'll control it all with the same easy-to-navigate top panel controls as before. Great sounding and simple to use. Can't ask for more than that.

A few added tonal sweeteners

The preamp tweaks in the Blues Junior IV already takes it into boutique-tone territory. But Fender didn't stop there. They also worked on the amplifier's spring reverb circuit, smoothing out its tone. This allows you to crank it into surfy territory without losing any tonal detail. But the update that has grabbed Sweetwater guitarists' attention the most is the addition of a Celestion A-type 12" speaker. The A-type is voiced to deliver the quintessential American tones that Fender built their empire on. You'll love the way its higher headroom handles your favorite pedals and higher-output pickups. IV is the Blues Junior you've always wanted.


Fender Blues Junior IV All-tube Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Update of one of the most popular tube combo amps ever
  • 15 watts is ideal for moving from stage to home
  • Easily portable size
  • Wide range of tones for players of all styles
  • Updated preamp for a larger sound than previous models
  • 12" Celestion A-type speaker offers American tones and higher headroom
  • Smooth-sounding spring reverb onboard
  • Fat switch adds low end and gain with the push of a button
  • Simple and effective 3-band EQ
  • 15 watts
    Celestion 12" A-Type speaker
    Preamp circuit modified for increased fullness
    Spring reverb modified for improved smoothness
    Includes 1-button footswitch for FAT mid boost


    15 Watts

    Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, "Fat" Switch, Volume


    One - 1/4"


    Cabinet Material
    3/4" Particle Board

    Amplifier Covering
    Black Textured Vinyl

    Grille Cloth
    Lightly-Aged Silver

    Amplifier Jewel
    Red Jewel

    Front Panel

    Molded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps

    One - 12" Celestion® A-Type

    Total Impedance
    8 ohms

    Preamp Tubes
    3 x 12AX7

    Power Tubes
    2 x EL84

    1-Button Footswitch Included

    Included Accessories
    Includes one-button footswitch

    Recommended Cover
    P/N: 0054912000, Blues Junior™, Black

    Amp Height
    16" (40.6 cm)

    Amp Depth
    9.18" (23.31 cm)

    Amp Width
    18" (45.72 cm)

    Amp Weight
    31.5 lbs (14.3 kg)
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